Fine Floor Sanding Services in Shropshire,Cheshire, Wrexham and Staffordshire

Our Services


The floor is prepared for sanding with the removal of any old fixings such as pins or staples or the stripping away of any adhesive residues.  The main body of the floor and its edges is then sanded back and levelled with the first and most abrasive cut.  Any minor repairs that are needed are now exposed and can be attended to. The floor is then prepared for sealing with a succession of ever finer abrasive cuts.  We use Bona sanding machines, which are regarded as world leaders in terms of performance and dust extraction.  Finally, we hand sand the floor to ensure that there are no machine marks visible and create a creamy underfoot feel.


Gaps between boards can be filled in two ways, depending on their size.  Small gaps of 3mm and under can be filled with a colourless resin which is mixed with dust from your floor to ensure a perfect colour match.  Larger gaps can be filled with strips of reclaimed wood.  In most cases, a combination of the two processes obtains the best results. It is highly recommended that ground floor rooms have their floor gaps filled to prevent dust and draughts coming up from under the house. Regular pine boards, if properly filled, can look as good as an engineered or solid wood floor.


The two most common sealants that we are called upon to use are heavy duty lacquer and hard wax oil.

Our favoured heavy duty lacquer is water based, which means that it is tough,  low on odour and has a fairly fast curing time.  We suggest a minimum of three coats, and are always able to apply more to high traffic areas such as hallways.
Our preferred hard wax oil is the market leader and we recommend two coats are applied.  Time between coats is eight hours.  Hard wax oil is popular as breakdowns in the surface at a later date can be touched in without the need for refinishing the entire floor.


Regular boards can be totally transformed by a high quality stain whether it’s a dark, chocolate walnut, a warm golden oak or any of the many other colours available.  Our stain is sourced from a UK manufacturer with over 100 years’ experience of producing the best quality wood finishes on the market.


We have specialised sanding machines to cope with the awkward angles and edges of stairs. Three steps and under are priced in the floor rate.

Hearth Removal

This involves the removal of adjacent boards, the breaking up of the concrete hearth, fitting joist extensions and supplying and fitting new boards in a staggered pattern so as to disguise the outline of the old hearth.

Replacement Boards

We endeavour to match any replacement boards as closely as we can to the original.

Carpet Removal

When taking a carpet up, care needs to be taken removing the tacked gripper strip and in cutting the carpet into manageable sections.  These are easy ways to put deep marks into the floor.  Should you so wish, we are able to take up your existing carpet and fixings, taping and stacking them neatly outside for your arranged collection / disposal.